Gold from nature One of my "secret" ingredients ... And the story says: Did you know that Ali Baba's famous saying "Sesame opens" from Ali Baba's story and 40 thugs (1001 nights) has something to do with sesame (sesame) fruit? - originates precisely from the sesame plant which bursts when the seeds are fully ripe.

Tahini-sesame paste represents 100% cold-ground sesame, while "BIOLAND TAHINI" ( - 100% cold-ground whole-grain sesame paste contains: 62% sesame oil, 26% protein, 10 % carbohydrates (only the highest quality sesame in the world, which comes directly from the picturesque Gujarat province of India, known for this magical plant, is used).




TAHINI, whole grain paste, contains everything you need to make life from a seed: Minerals and vitamins: magnesium, iron, selenium, manganese, copper, calcium, B-group vitamins, high levels of vitamin E. Proteins and essential amino acids methionine and phenylalanine.


Sesame oil: a natural concentrate of unsaturated fatty acids, (NMC), lecithin and phytosterols. Sesamin and sesamolin - lignin vegetable fibers that participate in additional cholesterol lowering and liver detoxification and accelerate the work of "lazy" intestines. “BioLand Tahini” - is prepared for everyday use, in a way that the human body can utilize the content of the seed as a whole.

Benefits: excellent compensation for an unbalanced diet, in combination with natural vitamin E, to fight free radicals and decrease immunity, to cell aging, to preserve skin and hair; a great diet supplement in the fight against high cholesterol, fatty liver and liver loaded with drugs and toxins; Regulates bowel function - a serious problem today; It cleanses blood vessels and affects the release of toxins from the entire body; Reduces the risk of malignancy.

 Sesame seed in the "Middle and Far East", for centuries, has been a traditional remedy for inflammatory joint conditions, diseased liver, decreased energy and immunity, constipation, hair problems, anxiety, blood count, maintaining vitality at a deep old age. For everyday use, one to two teaspoons of tahini mixed with honey compensates for the strength that the contemporary pace of life draws. Health benefits are especially present in digestive disorders, the presence of cholesterol, decreased immunity, other problems and illnesses. The high content of NMK, lecithin, fiber and amino acids contained in tahini paste make it a unique and healthy food.

Some of the recipes where tahini can be used:


50 grams of “BioLand” tahini 50 grams of homemade tomato juice Half a smaller onion Parsley + dill if desired with the addition of a little Himalayan salt Put all the ingredients in a blender, mix well and mix and a healthy spread is ready.



300 grams of raw husks (leave the husks overnight in a pot of water to stand and swell, and spill water in the morning where the husks stood and add a new one. Boil them in plenty of water until completely softened) 3 tablespoons of tahini 1 lemon 3 garlic cloves A pinch of Himalayan salt 3 tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil one tablespoon of flaxseed oil Some cumin, parsley, dill and homemade ground hot peppers

Preparation: - Spill the water in which the lebles were boiled, and the lebbis well grazed, add lemon juice, "Himalayan" salt, tahini, olive oil, linseed oil and some cumin and put everything in a blender. Mix well and transfer to closed containers.

Before closing the pan, place some homemade ground peppers, parsley and dill on the humus.   Often tahini is used as an additive in “smutis” with fruits and green leafy vegetables, and is ideally combined with banana, honey, cinnamon, cocoa and coconut oil.